"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change"


- Darwin -



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Life is a voyage of discovery

At “Ontdekkingsreiziger” we believe the essence of living is exploring because exploring means being open to all new experiences that come your way. This can only be done if you are open minded and want to see it all. It is quite the opposite of being on a expedition where you are focused towards certain goals and only tend to focus on the goals ahead of you. In this case you fail to see all other on your way to reaching your goals.


So what defines you as an explorer?

An explorer is not someone who takes a stance in discussion for that, again, is being on an expedition. Explorers investigate all possibilities when in dialogue with others for they know there is so much more beyond what is currently known and seen. Their open mind enables them to see the same things with a different view.


Not knowing what comes your way is exciting. That’s why an explorer is brave; he makes choices and decisions against better instinct and steps out of his comfort zone. Being brave is not instinctive behavior, it’s a choice. It means to act, despite of being afraid.


The path of an explorer is defined by “believing is seeing” for we don’t see what we don’t see until we see it. Are you able to see the same things with a different view?

Fred Koolhof

manager, coach and supporter

- Same things different view  -

Fred Koolhof

As entrepreneur Fred Koolhof has been supporting national and international organisations for several years now. Whether ambitious or stuck in patterns, he helps organisations, teams and individuals to get and keep moving into an ever changing environment.


His company name derives from a famous quote by Marcel Proust: “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


His company motto therefore is: “Same things, different view”. An open mind is the most important asset. His tactic mainly consists of putting different realities to existing realities; neither has to be the truth.


Fred calls himself rather supporter and motivator than coach. His mission is to encourage people to join forces in building a better social environment. To realise this he starts dialogues to collectively take a different view at the same things. The message herein is that through dialogue you are able to see more and are not trapped in known beliefs that might already exist in your mind.


“Don’t believe anything I say. I tell you how I see it. Nothing is the truth. Investigate and experiment with it and see what happens.”


Kantel de Olifant - Flip the Elephant

In 2016 Fred Koolhof published “Kantel de Olifant”. In this book you’ll find guidelines for coaches and managers to push ambitious teams or those that are stuck towards long lasting and constructive cooperation.


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Fred Koolhof
Fred Koolhof